Friday, 17 May 2013

2012 APQS Machine Head For Sale

Now that Miss Molly has gone,  I have upgraded Milady to a New Gen Millie.  She will be shipped back to the USA in early July if someone doesn't take a liking to her in Australia.

Milady is only 15 months old,  happy and lovely worker,  she comes with her own box ready for shipping.  Yes I can include the lovely red bow she came to me with.
Pearl White in Colour.  240volt complete with Quilt Glide for the fine detailed stitching, on off switch within reach from the front of the machine.  LED lighting and one switch blacklight.  Horizontal and Vertical channel locks.
For any one with a 2007 or earlier Millenium she would be a great upgrade. Or for anyone with a Freedom that would now like the thread cutter and channel locks.

Trade in price only $7000 negotiable within reason.  Replacement cost is close to $14000.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2012 APQS Millenium

The 2102 Millenium has all the features of the 2007 but with the following options included .  For sale for $19,000
Machine and Frame are a Pearl Colour.  The table top is a Grey Board.
·         Quilt Glide - A secondary form of stitch regulation that allows you to maintain a high level of control while doing small filler and background designs.
·          Bliss Drive System - Bliss uses a ball bearing technology to guide the machine on the table and gives you phenomenal control with minimal effort. 
·         Automatic Quilt Advance - Eliminate the chance of pleats and puckers on the back of your quilt by automatically rolling your quilt sandwich forward with even tension – all with the touch of a button.
·         Hydraulic table lift - Adjust the height of the table with the touch of a button.

Replacement cost for this machine delivered to Australia is approximately $27,500 including freight and GST

2007 APQS Millenium -Now Sold

2007 Millenium Machine Features  asking $13,000
Has an aluminum alloy table that is 12 foot by 46" with a clear plexiglass top. The table is also height adjustable. . 
26” of Throat space under the machine's arm. Having a large space to quilt means you can select the large flowing designs we all love without having to stitch them in two passes.
APQS longarm machines have superior stitch quality.  It's one of the main reasons people turn to APQS for their longarm needs.  As opposed to the digital stitch-regulators commonly used in other longarm machines, the APQS stitch regulator uses "fuzzy logic" to create a range of values. Simply select 8 to 15 stitches per inch to produce consistent stitches every time - even as you change quilting speed or direction.
Easily swap out thread colors and change the location of the machine on the quilt by automatically cutting your bobbin thread with the touch of a button.
Fully adjustable handles allow you to change your grip depending on the type of quilting you do while still being able to control the machine even when it is at the back of the table. Simple controls at your fingertips help you master your machine faster as you grow as a quilter.
The machine is equipped with horizontal and vertical electronic channel locks for straight-line quilting at the touch of a button. With the touch of a button, your wheels are locked out so the machine can only be moved in one direction. Straight line stitching can be made with precision.
The machine is perfectly balanced on a horizontal wheel that allow you the ease of movement you desire to stitch beautiful motifs easily with superb handling. It includes a set of wheels directly below the head for forward and backward movement, and another set of carriage wheels for sideways movement. You can sew in any direction with total ease. These are the new style M’nM  with double ball bearings.
Most machine tables require the quilter to raise the take up bar as the quilt sandwich is advanced to keep it from rubbing on the throat of the machine.
The APQS adjustment free quilt take up roller is already elevated into the dead center of the throat of our machines. As a result, there is no adjustment needed even at the end of a king or queen quilt. The quilt sandwich is perfectly aligned with the center of the throat and elevated up in the air without needing any thought from the quilter.
The leveler bar is located in front of the take up bar and it keeps your work surface level so the tension of your stitches is the same whether you are stitching at the front of the table or the back of the table.
You will love how easy it is to follow a paper pattern with the precision laser. Power is supplied directly from the machine so you don’t have batteries to replace.

Bobbin winder
The Turbo Bobbin Winder is a high-quality industrial bobbin winder that evenly and quickly loads your bobbins with reliable tension. Rapidly load your own metal bobbins with thread that matches your specific needs so you can focus on the quilting process. Consistently wound bobbins are the key to consistent tension.
APQS machines are precisely held in time through our belt drive technology. Building a machine that will not fall out of time on its own means your tension and stitch integrity will be the same for the life of your machine.
Setting tension can be intimidating, APQS build their machines with only a single tension knob. Plus, having only one place to set tension means the machine can run a wide range of even the most finicky threads opening up your creative options.
Only the finest mechanical components for the hard working internal parts of our quilting machines are used. The amount of oil required to care for the machine is a fraction of what other quilting machines need, making maintenance simple and easy.
Heavy-duty, fully-enclosed DC motor
APQS combines technology with sleek design to give you a beautiful machine with the horsepower you need. The integrated electronics and motor are tucked away behind the clean lines of the machine. From the moment you drive an APQS machine, you'll know the power you crave is under the hood.
Different types of quilting require a quilter to dial in the speed of the needle to match the complexity of the design. A touch of the button gives you the control you need without having to navigate through a series of menus.  APQS quilting machines have the ability to control the stitches per minute anywhere from 0-2400.

This machine is presently in South East Queensland.  Delivery would be a buyer responsibility.  For any inquiries please email sales @ busyquilting dot com dot au  leave out the spaces etc

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Filling a Void

There is no recognised site within Australia for the specific selling of second hand longarm machines.
Thought I would start a blog and see if this may become some way for others to get their machines visible to a wider audience.